Monday, March 5, 2007


From what I have observed, screen writers seem to take one of two approaches when they incorporate information security into their scripts. The first approach is to make everything so far-fetched that any comparison to reality would be all but impossible. The second is to pepper the script with terminology they found on the Internet, or got from some other seemly reliable source, like the guy who fixes their computer when it wont print.

The latter generally produces random lines of gibberish that are mumbled and mispronounced by unwitting actors. As an example, a film I saw recently included a scene in which one of the lead characters was monologuing on how he would fix the security problems in the FBI's computer network. During his short diatribe of networking and security jargon, the actor pronounced WAN (Wide Area Network) as Juan (the Spanish form of John.) In case you are having trouble playing along at home, WAN should rhyme with "man."

You'd think that they would have fixed that in post production with Automatic Dialog Replacement during looping. Apparently, screen writers are not the only ones who can play the terminology game.