Saturday, April 7, 2007

Human Computer Interaction in Science Fiction Movies

This is an interesting paper on depictions of computer interfaces in some recent, and not so recent, science fiction movies. What I found most interesting was the influence of the MIT media lab, and other research, on the production design of Minority Report. There is also discussion of various biometric identification systems, from Gattaca's finger prick DNA test, to a seemingly absurd breath ID system show in Alien Resurrection.

It makes me wonder why information security research has not had as much influence on the entertainment industry. Part of me thinks that its simple because its not as flashy as interface design, but I wonder if its due more to the fact that information security research is often conducted in a culture of secrecy and need-to-know fraternities. In other words, would a University open up a computer virus research lab to a screen writer, or would a company like Symantec talk candidly with a screen writer about emerging trends in malware? I think the answer is no, but I could be wrong.